At Your Command, Part 4

You are told, “He who lacks wisdom let him ask of God, that gives to all liberally, and upbraideth not; and it
shall be given unto him. But let him ask not doubting for he who doubts is as a wave of the sea that is tossed
and battered by the winds. And let not such a one think that he shall receive anything from the Lord.” You
can see why this statement is made, for only upon the rock of faith can anything be established. If you have
not the consciousness of the thing you have not the cause or foundation upon which thing is erected.

A proof of this established consciousness is given you in the words, “Thank you, father.” When you come
into the joy of thanksgiving so that you actually feel grateful for having received that which is not yet apparent
to the senses, you have definitely become one in consciousness with the thing for which you gave thanks. God
(your awareness) is not mocked. You are ever receiving that which you are aware of being and no man gives
thanks for something which he has not received. “Thank you father” is not, as it is used by many today a sort
of magical formula. You need never utter aloud the words, “Thank you, father.” In applying this principle as
you rise in consciousness to the point where you are really grateful and happy for having received the thing
desired, you automatically rejoice and give thanks inwardly. You have already accepted the gift which was
but a desire before you rose in consciousness, and your faith is now the substance that shall clothe your

This rising in consciousness is the spiritual marriage where two shall agree upon being one and their likeness
or image is established on earth.
“For whatsoever ye ask in my name the same give I unto you.” ‘Whatsoever’ is quite a large measure. It is
the unconditional. It does not state if society deems it right or wrong that you should ask it, it rests with you.
Do you really want it? Do you desire it? That is all that is necessary. Life will give it to you is you ask ‘in his

His name is not a name that you pronounce with the lips. You can ask forever in the name of God or Jehovah
or Christ Jesus and you will ask in vain. ‘Name’ means nature; so, when you ask in the nature of a thing,
results ever follow. To ask in the name is to rise in consciousness and become one in nature with the thing
desired, rise in consciousness to the nature of the thing, and you will become that thing in expression.
Therefore, “what things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them and ye shall receive

Praying, as we have shown you before, is recognition – the injunction to believe that ye receive is first person,
present tense. This means that you must be in the nature of the things asked for before you can receive them.
To get into the nature easily, general amnesty is necessary. We are told, “Forgive if ye have aught against any,
that your father also, which is in Heaven, may forgive you. But if ye forgive not, neither will your father forgive
you.” This may seem to be some personal God who is pleased or displeased with your actions but this is not
the case.

Consciousness, being God, if you hold in consciousness anything against man, you are binding that condition
in your world. But to release man from all condemnation is to free yourself so that you may rise to any level
necessary; there is therefore, no condemnation to those in Christ Jesus.

Therefore, a very good practice before you enter into your meditation is first to free every man in the world
from blame. For LAW is never violated and you can rest confidently in the knowledge that every man’s
conception of himself is going to be his reward. So you do not have to bother yourself about seeing whether
or not man gets what you consider he should get. For life makes no mistakes and always gives man that
which man first gives himself.

This brings us to that much abused statement of the Bible on tithing. Teachers of all kinds have enslaved man
with this affair of tithing, for not themselves understanding the nature of tithing and being themselves fearful of
lack, they have led their followers to believe that a tenth part of their income should be given to the Lord.
Meaning, as they make very clear, that, when one gives a tenth part of his income to their particular
organization he is giving his “tenth part” to the Lord – (or is tithing). But remember, “I AM” the Lord.” Your
awareness of being is the God that you give to and you ever give in this manner.
Therefore when you claim yourself to be anything, you have given that claim or quality to God. And your
awareness of being, which is no respecter of persons, will return to you pressed down, shaken together, and
running over with that quality or attribute which you claim for yourself.

Awareness of being is nothing that you could ever name. To claim God to be rich; to be great; to be love; to
be all wise; is to define that which cannot be defined. For God is nothing that could ever be named.
Tithing is necessary and you do tithe with God. But from now on give to the only God and see to it that you
give him the quality that you desire as man to express by claiming yourself to be the great, the wealthy, the
loving, the all wise.

Do not speculate as to how you shall express these qualities or claims, for life has a way that you, as man,
know not of. Its ways are past finding out. But, I assure you, the day you claim these qualities to the point of
conviction, your claims will be honored. There is nothing covered that shall not be uncovered. That which is
spoken in secret shall be proclaimed from the housetops. That is, your secret convictions of yourself – these
secret claims that no man knows of, when really believed, will be shouted from the housetops in your world.
For your convictions of yourself are the words of the God within you, which words are spirit and cannot
return unto you void but must accomplish where unto they are sent.
You are at this moment calling out of the infinite that which you are now conscious of being. And not one
word or conviction will fail to find you.