At Your Command, Part 2

In the awareness of being all things are possible, he said, “You shall decree a thing and it shall come to
pass.” This is his decreeing – rising in consciousness to the naturalness of being the thing desired. As he
expressed it, “And I, if I be lifted up, I shall draw all men unto me.” If I be lifted up in consciousness to the
naturalness of the thing desired I will draw the manifestation of that desire unto me. For he states, “No man
comes unto me save the father within me draws him, and I and my father are one.” Therefore, consciousness
is the father that is drawing the manifestations of life unto you.

You are, at this very moment, drawing into your world that which you are now conscious of being. Now you
can see what is meant by, “You must be born again.” If you are dissatisfied with your present expression in
life the only way to change it, is to take your attention away form that which seems so real to you and rise in
consciousness to that which you desire to be. You cannot serve two masters, therefore to take your attention
from one state of consciousness and place it upon another is to die to one and live to the other.

The question, “Whom do you say that I AM?” is not addressed to a man called ‘Peter’ by one called ‘Jesus.’
This is the eternal question addressed to one’s self by one’s true being. In other words, “Whom do you say
that you are?” For your conviction of yourself – your opinion of yourself will determine your expression in life.
He states, “You believe in God – believe also in me.” In other words, it is the me within you that is this God.
Praying then, is seen to be recognizing yourself to be that which you now desire, rather than its accepting
form of petitioning a God that does not exist for that which you now desire.

So can’t you see why the millions of prayers are unanswered? Men pray to a God that does not exist. For
instance: To be conscious of being poor and to pray to a God for riches is to be rewarded with that which
you are conscious of being – which is poverty. Prayers to be successful must be claiming rather than begging
– so if you would pray for riches turn from your picture of poverty by denying the very evidence of your
senses and assume the nature of being wealthy.

We are told, “When you pray go within in secret and shut the door. And that which your father sees in secret,
with that will he reward you openly.”We have identified the ‘father’ to be the awareness of being. We have
also identified the ‘door’ to be the awareness of being. So ‘shutting the door’ is shutting out that which ‘I’
am now aware of being and claiming myself to be that which ‘I’ desire to be. The very moment my claim is
established to the point of conviction, that moment I begin to draw unto myself the evidence of my claim.
Do not question the how of these things appearing, for no man knows that way. That is, no manifestation
knows how the things desired will appear.

Consciousness is the way or door through which things appear. He said, “I AM the way” – not ‘I,’ John
Smith, am the way, but “I AM,” the awareness of being, is the way through which the thing shall come. The
signs always follow. They never precede. Things have no reality other than in consciousness. Therefore, get
the consciousness first and the thing is compelled to appear.

You are told, “Seek ye first the kingdom of Heaven and all things shall be added unto you.” Get first the
consciousness of the things that you are seeking and leave the things alone. This is what is meant by “Ye shall
decree a thing and it shall come to pass.”
Apply this principle and you will know what it is to ‘prove me and see.” The story of Mary is the story of
every man. Mary was not a woman – giving birth in some miraculous way to one called ‘Jesus.’ Mary is the
awareness of being that ever remains virgin, no matter how many desires it gives birth to. Right now look
upon yourself as this virgin Mary – being impregnated by yourself through the medium of desire – becoming
one with your desire to the point of embodying or giving birth to your desire.

For instance: It is said of Mary (whom you now know to be yourself) that she know not a man. Yet she
conceived. That is, you, John Smith, have no reason to believe that that which you now desire is possible, but
having discovered your awareness of being to be God, you make this awareness your husband and
conceive a man child (manifestation) of the Lord, “For thy maker is thine husband; the Lord of hosts is his
name; the Lord God of the whole earth shall he be called.” Your ideal or ambition is this conception – the
first command to her, which is now to yourself, is “Go, tell no man.” That is, do not discuss your ambitions or
desires with another for the other will only echo your present fears. Secrecy is the first law to be observed in
realizing your desire.

The second, as we are told in the story of Mary, is to “Magnify the Lord.” We have identified the Lord as
your awareness of being. Therefore, to ‘magnify the Lord’ is to revalue or expand one’s present conception
of one’s self to the point where this revaluation becomes natural. When this naturalness is attained you give
birth by becoming that which you are one with in consciousness.

The story of creation is given us in digest form in the first chapter of John.
“In the beginning was the word.” Now, this very second, is the ‘beginning’ spoken of. It is the beginning of an
urge – a desire. ‘The word’ is the desire swimming around in your consciousness – seeking embodiment. The
urge of itself has no reality, For, “I AM” or the awareness of being is the only reality. Things live only as long
as I AM aware of being them; so to realize one’s desire, the second line of this first verse of John must be
applied. That is, “And the word was with God.” The word, or desire, must be fixed or united with
consciousness to give it reality. The awareness becomes aware of being the thing desired, thereby nailing itself
upon the form or conception – and giving life unto its conception – or resurrecting that which was heretofore
a dead or unfulfilled desire. “Two shall agree as touching anything and it shall be established on earth.”

This agreement is never made between two persons. It is between the awareness and the thing desired. You
are now conscious of being, so you are actually saying to yourself, without using words, “I AM.” Now, if it is
a state of health that you are desirous of attaining, before you have any evidence of health in your world, you
begin to FEEL yourself to be healthy. And the very second the feeling “I AM healthy” is attained the two have
agreed. That is, I AM and health have agreed to be one and this agreement ever results in the birth of a child
which is the thing agreed upon – in this case, health. And because I made the agreement I express the thing
agreed. So you can see why Moses stated, “I AM hath sent me.” For what being, other than I AM could
send you into expression? None – for “I AM the way – Beside me there is no other.” If you take the wings of
the morning and fly into the uttermost parts of the world or if you make your bed in Hell, you will still be
aware of being. You are ever sent into expression by your awareness and your expression is ever that which
you are aware of being.


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